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February 22, 2009



My first question is how do you electronically capture the locust sensory system. There is a distant cross between animal, insect and machine. It would be very interesting to see if they succeed.

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That was very interesting. I hope that the study about the locust's radar system would succeed. It would definitely be helpful to lessen road accidents. By the way, thanks for the share. Good Luck!

Joe Hansen

It sounds like more opportunity to not have to be the driver. Why not look at auto-drive systems or better yet work on the public transport infrastructure?
With the safty advances over the last 20 years has enabled us to drive faster, brake later and harder and take more risk that we did in the past.

Cop Radar Detectors

Wow!! Now that's something you don't see everyday!! Locust natural senses for the next generation car safety! Way to go!

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Hm....hopefully these techniques will turn out to be physical realities.

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