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June 23, 2008


Josh Leeger

Cool stuff! Hopefully they're reclaiming all of those plastic balls and not letting them get into general circulation...


See what I mean?


Hah thats a great idea. I wonder do they look at look at ski jumps, and theeind resistance encountered

Saint Patrick

Fair dues to them. It is a good option to explore

Jack likes used skis

This is what I called - knowing your enemies and using their technology against them. Recent technological advancement and scientific breakthroughs are now, not only limited to one industry or field, but have now been use interdependently with one another to benefit many fields. Used skis are no longer just your everyday skis, as they have evolved into one that even NASA can use in the outer space. The technique of using sandpaper and evolving it into sophistication would be a great advantage to the Swedish to win the cross-country competition. Let us just hope that the Norwegian will not find out about it but since they are clever, they might eventually discover it and sadly, win the competition.

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Wow, really cool, that's an exciting stuff!

Siste nytt

Interesting article. Keep up the good work!

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