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May 27, 2008



I'm slightly confused.
The distance between the 2 countries is massive. Where are you getting this information from?

Kristian Ribberström

Good that you asked - my post is very short and provides no sources. About two weeks ago Trevor Manuel, the South African Minister of Finance, visited Sweden. In one interview he gave some examples of positive things that happen in Africa that stimulate growth and in that context he mentioned the Zimbabwean farmers in Nigeria. (Unfortunately the article isn't on-line so I can't link it.)He refers to white farmers who were forced to leave their farms in Zimbabwe. Many left Africa but some actually settled in Nigeria. Yes, it is far from Zimbabwe but apparently conditions are similar. Here are two articles - one older and one more recent:


good to know. first thing that popped up in my mind was jared diamond's books.

gavin phil

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