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January 13, 2005



How sure are we that Swedish pizza makers did not just follow the impulse of an indivual request ?? Lets say I wanted a curry, pineapple and banana pizza and the cook just made it up for me.. but kept it on the list of 'can do' pizza's , so therefore they actually have a lot of individual but fascinating range of food combinations !!

Now the punch line, did they actually walk thru an intersection of creativty ???


how does the japanese pizza fit into all this?

Darrill  Sandberg

What's the point of this article if there's no apparent access to a recipe? I won't be going to Sweden in this lifetime.




Seriously, completely agree. Swedish pizza are so good its baffling. It´s not just the fact that they have different ingredients either, even the normal ham an mushrooms, or calzone pizzas are out-of-this world good compared to most other countries. The reason? They use different cheese, one that taste more and better than your typical mozzarella-tasteless-as-paper cheese, and the tomato sause, usually contains a plethora of ingredients (12-13 different ingredients in the typical, as compared to most other countries using only 2-3 different ingredients) making it really stand out. I have been to 9 different countries, and its basically all the same, except in sweden.

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