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December 14, 2007


Communicatio in Sacris


The Medici Effect is a very Causal Analysis of Renaissance Culture, Economics, and Philosophy.

I was wondering though, as you mentioned the Sex Scandal with the Poem, where did that vice get its pagan seed from? Do you think part of the Medici Effect is Neo-Paganism? Or even Religious Indifferentism? I personally doubt it, but I did read this very interesting book "Communicatio in Sacris," by an Italian Author, Dr. William J. DeTucci, you can browse it here:


I was wondering if you reviewed that book, and what you have to say about his analysis on the Medicis Religious-Moral Authority in Florence and Italy? I think the Medicis followed the Book, so to say? How is the Morals & Ethics of the Florentine Enterprise being traced today and also what effect has that found itself in the Church-State Relations?

Finally, I have to ask you this - how about the Da Vinci Effect, is that similar or another topic?

Thanks for your help.

Do you ever visit Miami to speak? And about what?


Rosa Luz


This is the first time, in a long time, that I've actually felt strong jealousy! The Medicis had a huge effect that almost no one knows about- I'd love to learn more. And, to give a talk right in front of the David... well, how did you get so lucky? I'm pleased for you!

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