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July 11, 2006


Jack Doueck, Stillwater Capital

We have been investing in hedge funds for more than a decade and we found that there are two ways to avoid fraud and blowups in our investments has been:
First: to NEVER invest in a "One Man Show". That is a fund run by one person who "does it all" with no checks and balances, no one to bounce ideas off, no one to keep him honest. One man that can get desperate one day and take huge bets or misappropriate funds.
Second: to NEVER invest in a fund which does not allow some level of
frequent transparency. Investing with a seeming successful manager that
pretends to be "closed" and says "trust me, I'm great, you don't need to know anything more....you're lucky to get in..." increases your chances of being a victim of a fraud or a blowup. We have invested billions of dollars in hedge funds over the years and even in our Stillwater Asset Backed lending strategies, we insist on monthly transparency. When we could not get this, we regretted investing and learned our lesson.

Jack Doueck
Stillwater Asset Backed strategies

Hedge Fund Book Author - Richard Wilson

I completely agree with the comments above. Never invest in a one man shop, always due a full 100 point + due diligence and onsite visit, invest in transparent funds which have senior management and real long-term skin in the game. There are many other things you should look out for and this is in no way financial/investment advice but its good to know that the book brings up these subjects, many don't.

I will purchase, read, and post a review of the book above on my blog. Thanks for the summary.

- Richard


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