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June 13, 2006


Clarence Fisher

I am a junior high teacher in Northern Canada that does a lot of work with kids and their global connections unsing tech tools like blogs, wikis, etc. I read your book almost a year ago, but only found your blog this morning. I have used some of the Medici Effect "tools" in my classroom and have found them very effective at spurring on the thinking of kids and driving them to see new perspectives and new ideas. In the globally complex, changing world we live in, I believe that kids need to be able to "think large," and see the connections between diverse peoples, ideas, and in the information they are invloved with. I've also started a small wiki for teachers (classroomchange.pbwiki.com) who want to look at possibilities for classrooms using a matrix I first found in the Medici Effect. I am anxious to hear about your process as you can see, your book has had some effect on mine!


Frans, thanks for sharing, if you had not of posted-- clarence would not have comments and I would not be trolling the wiki now !!

D Gagnon

I loved reading this and I love the organic support it brings of supporting it's own idea! But for me... ideas have never been the problem - I always think "out of the box"! Often, my problem is taking the idea ( or ideas ) and launching them. Is there a more step by step, resource-driven specific approach or source I can use??

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